The Shotgun Kiss

Neal Egan, former police detective turned golf hustler, can’t escape from the gravitational pull of his beautiful ex-wife Desiree Diaz, the daughter of one of New Mexico’s most prominent men. When Dez becomes the prime suspect in the brutal shotgun slaying of her current lover, Neal is drawn into an investigation that promises to end […]

An Uncertain Refuge (1st in a series)

A child orphaned by violence. A woman sworn to protect and raise him. A killer come to claim him. A few deadly minutes in An Uncertain Refuge. Kate Dalton lives by the rules of honesty and fair play until she steps between a battered woman and the man intent on killing her. Amanda Blake barely […]

Through a Yellow Wood (2nd in a series)

Seven months after cheating death in the dark waters of Hemlock Lake, Dan Stone discovers a search dog trainer and his dogs shot down at a remote cabin in the Catskill Mountains. Only one young dog, badly wounded, survives the attack. No longer wearing a badge and intent on rebuilding the family home and making […]

Sea of Regret (2nd in a series)

A woman determined to hold onto her land. Financial sharks out to make a killing. A life-or-death struggle by the SEA OF REGRET. A year after the violence and tragedy of AN UNCERTAIN REFUGE, Kate Dalton’s life is shattered again. Developers want Evie Hopkins’ former dairy farm on the Oregon Coast, want it bad enough […]

No Substitute for Money (2nd in the series)

Substitute teacher Barbara Reed knows better than to say the word “perfect.” Using the P-word is a sure way to jinx romance, finance, and circumstance. Despite a chronic shortage of funds, things are looking up for Barb after the events of NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MURDER. She’s completing grad school and hoping for a job at […]

Deception at Devil's Harbor (2nd in a series)

(The sequel to DEATH AT DEVIL’S HARBOR) It’s bedlam by the bay. It’s chaos on the coast. It’s another dustup in Devil’s Harbor, that quirky Oregon community. When an image appears scorched into a breaded crab cake some say it’s a miracle. Others say it’s a disaster. The image draws swarms of pilgrims, trying the […]

The Hard Karma Shuffle

Portland, Oregon, 1997 Back in the 60s he tuned in, turned on, and dropped out into a life without deadlines or documentation. But now the aging flower child known as Paladin has run up against reality. High-tech thugs with guns want a package he didn’t deliver, cops like him for the murder of a low-rent […]

The Crushed Velvet Miasma

Rock and Roll Reunions Can Be Murder! Portland’s Tie-dyed Detective Cracks Another Case. (The sequel to THE HARD KARMA SHUFFLE) After The Velvet Miasma self-destructed on stage in the mid seventies, band members vowed they’d never perform together again. But it’s 1998, retro is in, and a reunion means big bucks. Thor, the band’s egocentric […]

Sucker Punches

Mystery authors Carolyn J. Rose and Mike Nettleton serve up 32 short stories featuring detectives, killers, ghosts, radio deejays, thwarted authors, bungling criminals, Harry Houdini, Santa Claus, insurance salesmen, young lovers, talking vegetables, mistaken assumptions, and paranoid conclusions.

The Devil's Tombstone (3rd in a series)

(Sequel to HEMLOCK LAKE and THROUGH A YELLOW WOOD) The Catskill Mountains are rich in folklore, legends, and tales of the supernatural. Once guided by ghosts, Dan Stone doesn’t disbelieve what can’t be explained. And there’s no logical reason for the patch of blighted ground beside a boulder near Hemlock Lake. Known as the Devil’s […]

No Substitute For Munchies (9th in a series)

Book 9 in the Subbing isn’t for Sissies Series The chaos rolls on in Reckless River, Washington. A marijuana shop opens, Iz becomes a bodyguard, Aston Marsden moves to a cave, Jake launches a radio talk show, the truth about Dario is revealed, and entitled mutt Cheese Puff runs amok in a casino. But before […]

No Substitute For Mimes (Book 12 in the Subbing Isn't For Sissies Series)

Suddenly, mimes seem to be everywhere in Reckless River, Washington. Their antics amuse residents at first. Then street theater gives way to street crime. Fast, organized, and armed with cream pies, mimes avoid capture. And they baffle police by delivering stolen items to the cop shop. Barbara Reed suspects the thefts are designed to frustrate […]

Death at Devil's Harbor (1st in a series)

When the body of an unscrupulous land developer washes in with the tide, there are more motives for murder than grains of sand on the beach at Devil’s Harbor, Oregon. Vince Grabowski created an environmental disaster, hatched shady investment schemes, lied, cheated, and bullied residents into going along with plans to commercialize the quirky community. […]

A Place of Forgetting

1966. As summer ends in Maplekill, New York, the dreams of 19-year-old Liz Roark turn to dust. A girl known only as April arrives carrying a duffel bag of bright clothing and an engagement ring from Liz’s childhood sweetheart Ben Hoyt, a Marine missing in action in Vietnam. Grieving for Ben and for what she […]

Hemlock Lake (1st in a series)

For generations only a few families held title to land in the isolated Catskill Mountain community of Hemlock Lake. But with the turning of the century one man, lured by easy money, sells his inheritance to a developer of luxury homes. As the contractor bulldozes farmland and forest, neighbors cry environmental rape, and someone threatens […]

No Substitute for Murder (1st in the series)

Divorced from a philandering con man and downsized from her job as a talk radio show producer, Barbara Reed is desperate for money. She’s got a mortgage, a college loan, an aging car, and a ten-pound dog named Cheese Puff. With her unemployment checks running out, she signs on as a high school substitute teacher […]

Drum Warrior

Destiny? Or doom? An ancient prophecy calls for a drummer to take up his sticks on the summer solstice and pound out a beat that might save the world from an army of trolls, ogres, and other nightmare creatures. Sixteen-year-old Noah Keene knows nothing of his destiny when he runs away from his home on […]

No Substitute For Maturity (3rd in a series)

After tangling with killers (NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MURDER) and a deranged drug dealer (NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MONEY), substitute teacher Barbara Reed craves routine, relaxation, and quality time with drug cop Dave Martin. Moving in together seems like the way to achieve that. But Dave’s teenage daughter is part of the package-a package filled with drama, […]

No Substitute for Myth (4th in the series)

Is Bigfoot prowling around Reckless River, Washington? Has Sasquatch come to the city? Barbara Reed doesn’t know if she believes the legendary creature exists, but evidence is stacking up. Something big is scavenging for food in city parks. Something tall and heavy left footprints across a dirt parking lot. And something huge and hairy careened […]

No Substitute For Mistakes (5th in the series)

When substitute teacher Barbara Reed agrees to fill in for an instructor at a juvenile detention facility, she fears it’s a huge mistake. The job is stressful and confining. But Barb needs a paycheck, and a looming teachers’ walkout could eliminate regular subbing opportunities in Reckless River, Washington. On her first day “behind bars,” Barb […]

No Substitute For Motives (6th in the series)

While Barbara Reed’s drug-cop boyfriend is away, her life spins out of control. Dave’s daughter shifts to drama-queen overdrive, Cheese Puff hits new levels of canine entitlement, and Barb’s overbearing sister demands help with a mid-life makeover. To complicate matters, donated food and clothing for low-income kids go missing from the high school, and a […]

Nightfall Bay

When her grandmother dies, Rain Paxton inherits an extraordinary gift—the ability to follow a phantom dog into the afterlife, to a place called Nightfall Bay. There, at the edge of a dark sea, the souls of the missing and murdered must wait for earthly mysteries to be solved. Pierce Jennings is a wealthy man, rich […]

No Substitute for Misinformation

Book 7 in the Subbing isn’t for Sissies Series Chaos is, as usual, the default setting for substitute teacher Barbara Reed’s life in Reckless River, Washington. Her ex-husband is in trouble for lying to a judge, her overbearing sister is tailing her, and a series of error-ridden memos have teachers in an uproar. On top […]

No Substitute for Momentum (8th in a series)

It’s January in Reckless River, Washington—cold, dark, damp, and dismal. Stuck in a rut of routine, substitute teacher Barbara Reed wishes for change. It hits with the force of a hurricane. The high school principal’s body is discovered in a remote cabin. Barb’s drug cop boyfriend wants the case and the move to homicide that […]

No Substitute For Mistrust

Book 10 in the Subbing isn’t for Sissies Series Does Cheese Puff have what it takes to detect a ghost? Will an intervention halt Sybil’s gambling before she turns to loan sharks? Will Allison live through an unlicensed night behind the wheel? Will the senior class survive Brenda’s attempt to spice up a school breakfast? […]

No Substitute For Matrimony-13th in a series

Book 13 in the Subbing isn’t for Sissies Series When substitute teacher Barbara Reed turned wedding planning over to her wealthy neighbor Muriel Ballantine, she knew the event wouldn’t be what she and Dave asked for—small, simple, and sane. What she didn’t know was that murder would block her path to the altar. As Dave […]

No Substitute For Milestones 11th in a series

When her colleagues take to the picket line, substitute teacher Barbara Reed joins the march. But solidarity gives way to suspicion when a school board member disappears. Did one of her friends kidnap the most vocal opponent of a pay hike? Evidence points that way. But Barb doesn’t believe it. She and her entitled mutt […]