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  • No Substitue for Misinformation

    Book 7 in the Subbing isn’t for Sissies Series

    Chaos is, as usual, the default setting for substitute teacher Barbara Reed’s life in Reckless River, Washington. Her ex-husband is in trouble for lying to a judge, her overbearing sister is tailing her, and a series of error-ridden memos have teachers in an uproar. On top of that, if her condo complex doesn’t win the holiday decorating competition, residents may never be rid of their obnoxious manager. But nothing can stop Barb and her friends from heading to Las Vegas to see their wealthy neighbor Muriel Ballantine compete in a seasoned showgirl reality program.

    Nothing, that is, except mutiny. And murder.

    Unless Barb’s detective boyfriend finds a killer, he won’t be in the audience. And unless Barb’s entitled dog Cheese Puff calls off his strike and gets back to rehearsing, Mrs. B’s routine will be doomed before she takes the stage.