The Hard Karma Shuffle

Portland, Oregon, 1997

Back in the 60s he tuned in, turned on, and dropped out into a life without deadlines or documentation. But now the aging flower child known as Paladin has run up against reality.

High-tech thugs with guns want a package he didn’t deliver, cops like him for the murder of a low-rent attorney, and the attorney’s secretary wants to jump his bones—or bury them. And what about the band of misfits and miscreants he calls his friends? Can he trust them? Or will they sell him out?

The man who once followed the Grateful Dead will be grateful to be alive IF he makes it through THE HARD KARMA SHUFFLE.

(Watch for the sequel, THE CRUSHED VELVET MIASMA, coming soon.)

The Hard Karma Shuffle

Mike Nettleton and Carolyn J. Rose

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