The Crushed Velvet Miasma

Rock and Roll Reunions Can Be Murder!
Portland’s Tie-dyed Detective Cracks Another Case.


After The Velvet Miasma self-destructed on stage in the mid seventies, band members vowed they’d never perform together again. But it’s 1998, retro is in, and a reunion means big bucks. Thor, the band’s egocentric leader, recruits aging hippie Paladin to dry out the lead guitar player and persuade sexy vocalist Maggie Thunder to return to the stage. Paladin’s son replaces a keyboard player blown up on a Mexican drug boat. It’s Eugene’s big break. Then Thor moves in on his girl.
When someone beats Thor to death with a guitar, Eugene is the prime suspect. With the help of Scan Man, Socks, and a cross-dressing plumber, Paladin and his zoned-out friends muddle their way through a swamp of dirty secrets on way to truth, justice, and a killer who gives new meaning to the term “off the charts.”

The Crushed Velvet Miasma

Mike Nettleton and Carolyn J. Rose

Michael A. Nettleton

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