Death at Devil’s Harbor (1st in a series)

When the body of an unscrupulous land developer washes in with the tide, there are more motives for murder than grains of sand on the beach at Devil’s Harbor, Oregon.

Vince Grabowski created an environmental disaster, hatched shady investment schemes, lied, cheated, and bullied residents into going along with plans to commercialize the quirky community.

Those who wanted him off the planet include his less-than-grieving widow, her eco-freak boyfriend, a marijuana-farming ice cream shop owner, a radio evangelist threatened with losing her listeners, the mayor’s sex-crazed wife, and a disgruntled artist forced to perpetrate a hoax on gullible tourists.

For crime reporter Molly Donovan, the murder provides a chance to use skills she shelved when her father’s health forced her to return home. She revels in staying one jump ahead of investigators—until the killer frames her father.

(Originally published as The Big Grabowski)

Death at Devil's Harbor

Carolyn J. Rose and Mike Nettleton

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