No Substitute For Munchies (9th in a series)

Book 9 in the Subbing isn’t for Sissies Series

The chaos rolls on in Reckless River, Washington. A marijuana shop opens, Iz becomes a bodyguard, Aston Marsden moves to a cave, Jake launches a radio talk show, the truth about Dario is revealed, and entitled mutt Cheese Puff runs amok in a casino.

But before all that weirdness erupts, relentless rain sets substitute teacher Barbara Reed on edge. As rivers rise, residents fill sandbags, make plans to evacuate, complain, and quarrel. And a mud ball fight at the high school sets Barb up for a loathsome assignment she can’t refuse.

When even new brands of cheesy snacks don’t ease depression brought on by daily downpours and back-breaking levee building, Barb finds distraction by revisiting a cold case. Twenty years earlier, during a previous flood, a young woman perished. Her husband, now married to a powerful politician, didn’t grieve for long.

Barb’s detective boyfriend promises to review the case when the waters recede, but she wades in. The more she learns, the more she believes the husband got away with murder. When he threatens her friends, her job, and then her life, she’s sure of it. But will she live to prove it?

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