No Substitute For Mistrust

Book 10 in the Subbing isn’t for Sissies Series

Does Cheese Puff have what it takes to detect a ghost?
Will an intervention halt Sybil’s gambling before she turns to loan sharks?
Will Allison live through an unlicensed night behind the wheel?
Will the senior class survive Brenda’s attempt to spice up a school breakfast?
Can Dave arrest a detective who refuses to retire?

The answers to these questions and more are revealed as substitute teacher Barbara Reed joins her bombastic sister Iz to track a scam artist targeting elderly residents of Reckless River, Washington. He preys on fears and fantasies to win trust, loot homes, and stay off law enforcement radar. With time running out to stop him, Iz hatches a plan.
It’s daring.
It’s dangerous.
And it’s doomed.
Or is it?

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