Writing Presentations/Workshops

Who died and who did it?
A review of the elements of mystery and how characters determine events and drive the plot. Who do writers kill off and why is that person a victim? What does the murder set in motion? How do the natures of killer and sleuth play against each other?

Deepening description and developing author style
Using strong verbs, specific nouns, and descriptive adjectives to make your writing stand out. Developing unique similes, metaphors, and juxtapositions to create a unique style

Characters you’ll never forget
Determining the vital traits and physical characteristics for your characters. Writing thumbnail sketches and linking description to character to deepen both.

Are you being too easy on your characters? Turn up the tension, crank up the conflict. We’ll brainstorm ideas to keep readers turning the pages.

Writers’ Block
Is it a genuine problem or a great excuse for never beginning a project or walking away from a novel when your plotting fizzles out? Using comments and opinions from dozens of authors, this workshop looks at what causes writers’ block, what some of them have done to cure themselves, and how you can motivate yourself to “beat the block.”

All presentations include interaction with those attending and an opportunity to put tips into practice with brief writing exercises.