Max’s Bio

Max is a Maltese, a feisty but playful little guy who is also a clown, a confident and curious explorer, an avid squirrel chaser, and a world-class love sponge and snugglebunny. He was born in Hawaii and lived there and in California with his first family before they moved to Washington.

Because he loves human companionship so much, Max suffered from separation anxiety when he was left alone and his first family decided he would benefit from living with folks who had a more erratic routine—like us. A mutual acquaintance arranged a meeting and, within three seconds of encountering the little guy in October of 2010, we offered him a home.

To help him cope, we brought in a dog trainer who worked with him and with us. Mike and Carolyn can now sit and roll over with ease, but Max is well ahead of the training curve and has learned a whole bag of tricks. His next goal is to demonstrate to Mike how canine training techniques can help him focus on his writing. Then he’ll try to hypnotize Carolyn into allowing him more lounge time on her lap while she’s at the keyboard.