Dudley’s Bio


Dudley 1999-2008

Dudley, a dachshund/Labrador cross (and no, we’re not kidding) was adopted from a dog pound in upstate New York by Carolyn’s father who named him Ugly because of his odd appearance. We inherited him in the summer of 2003, gave him a name change to boost his self-esteem, and drove him across the country to his new home. He was sleek, glossy, and topped out at 55 pounds—all muscle and determination (the polite way to say he was more stubborn than the average mule). He loved to suck on rocks and collect abandoned dog toys and tennis balls on our daily walks. He often drew stares from passing motorists, some of whom stopped their cars and got out for a closer look. When they asked for information on the logistics of how he came to be, we said we didn’t want to think about it. He was featured on KATU Television’s morning news as well as on AM Northwest.

Dudley fell ill on Christmas Eve, 2008, and we made the tough decision to put him to sleep. He left us with many memories and stories to tell.