Bubba’s Bio


Bubba, a miniature Schnauzer/Yorkie mix, was orphaned in the fall of 2000 when her original owner died. She was turned in to the Southwest Washington Humane Society where she was featured as the pet of the week on a local TV show. At the time she had long hair and a pink bow on top of her head and was named Belle. Clearly, we found her irresistible, but Mike, who’d never been completely sold on the idea of owning a small dog, felt she was too feminine. We tossed out the bow and gave her a haircut and a name change. A friend gave her the biker outfit. At 10 pounds, she’s the alpha dog in our small pack. She herds us toward the kitchen when it’s time to eat and toward the door when it’s time to walk. She doesn’t mind that we write, but often insists we make lap space available when we’re at our keyboards.

To our great regret, Bubba passed on in December of 2015. She was a gamer right up to the end. RIP Bubba.